A mindset, a method and a goal


EXCELLENCE has a need to be individually and organizationally defined or redifined not as an unachievable standard but on the contrary as something that is achievable because we make it so. It can be scaled to any level because that is the way things go anyway, there is always a step preceeding and following another and when can qualitatively apply ourselves to any task and of course we can use mINITIATIVES™.

Excellence is not perfection. Experimentation is great way to develop a relationship with “excellence”. 

Excellence fuses the Why, the How and the What!

A mindset

When we say, I commit to “learn” my excellence, there is a undeniable shift in the way we are being, it’s already a better version of ourselves, personally or organizationally.

A method

Nothing is a simple menial task anymore. It’s an opportunity to test and practice our excellence and see how it shows up as in the way we do things and related with others.

A goal

Excellence is always our goal but may not always be the result. How do we learn, adjust and produce the “excellent” result which by the way is a personal and organizational defined standard not a “strandard”. Asking if we are getting the quality result we want or need becomes a beautiful question.

Let’s keep it simple but no simpler – adapted from Einstein


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