FULL HORIZONS is a comprehensive program that defines and documents the 3 horizons of an organization so that it can be fully informed with the aim of better guiding itself in the successful pursuit of its short, medium and long-term horizons.


The FULL HORIZONS program is an exhaustive program aimed at exploring the horizons of an organization in light of its preferred future. Its outcome is materialized in a strategic plan for each and all of the organization’s 3 horizons.


The first published version of a ‘Three Horizons’ model appeared in a well-regarded management book, The Alchemy of Growth, by Merhdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, and David White (1999). It proposed that managers should engage simultaneously with short-term, medium-term, and long-term futures, portrayed as a series of evolving curves.

The short-term or Horizon 1 suggests a focus on defending and extending the current or core business, the medium-term or Horizon 2 is concerned with building emerging businesses by creating new businesses or leveraging emerging opportunities and finally the long-term or Horizon 3 deals with the activity of creating viable future options.

The Three Horizons model was adapted significantly by the consultant Bill Sharpe, working with Anthony Hodgson, for the UK Government Foresight project on Intelligent Infrastructure systems. The specific question it was used to address was how to develop a technology road map over a long period (50 years), where particular technologies could not be described but their likely characteristics could be identified, or at least anticipated. Their version of the model contained a distinctive modification which also made it a valuable tool for futures analysis. Rather than portraying the horizons as successive waves of evolution, they characterised all three as existing in parallel, but with different levels of social and public influence at any one time (Sharpe & Hodgson, 2006).

The work of defending the primary business engine of the organization (engine 1) and replacing it with the business engine of the future (engine 2) is often referred to as the work of the ambidextrous organization or simply as the Engines 1 and 2 by

Features and advantages

The main work carried out by the program aims to determine the activities at the level of each of the horizons including that of determining a preferable future (H3) but also to determine the ins and outs of the integration horizon (H2) and finally the work of defending and extending the activities of horizon 1 while taking into account existing adjacent possibilities.

The work not only focuses on identifying the characteristic activities and systems for each horizon but also the review of the most likely or preferred capabilities and business models for each horizon.

We can summarize the objectives that the program should produce in 4 themes which aim to elevate the strategic position of the organization and they are:


Acquire + maintain a practical and actionable knowledge of prospective.


Break away from short-term myopia with a future-based vision.


The preferred future’s informations elevate the decisions and actions in the present.


The continuous watch or vigil of the future’s risks and opportunities.

Our activities and advice thus aim to provide an organization with new features, characteristics and practices best preparing it for its future and be empowered to:

  • Leverage uncertainty.
  • Select the most relevant information.
  • Articulate the necessary strategies and protocols.
  • Articulate your new business theory.
  • Articulate a competitive edge and advantage.
  • Determine the work to be done (job-to-be-done) in your market.
  • Execute strategic planning on the 3 horizons.
  • Integrate foresight into risk management, continuity and static and dynamic preparation for the future.
  • Ensure vigilance (strategic monitoring) in the context of 3H.
  • Develop augmented information about the organization in order to better inform its strategy and tactics.
  • Create a superior perception of its leadership.
  • Develop new ideas, innovations and opportunities.
  • Benefit from a greater efficiency and performance in M&A, financing and investor relations activities, when applicable.

Who is this program for ?

This program is aimed at any organization keen to systematically and aggressively develop its 3 horizons by understanding that the future is approached with an open mind and an equally great indiscipline in the face of what appears reasonable in order to explore the risks, opportunities and alternative futures in the most daring way possible in order to perhaps find a way to disrupt disruption.

Our attitude

We work in an attitude of collaboration and cooperation and believe that we have the responsibility to lead well and assert our competence while considering that the organization with which we work is the expert in its field so that the synergy of our respective work and collective is increased. We offer flexibility in our work since the future is not designed in advance and so we must create the right conditions to encourage new mental models, new ideas to emerge without inhibiting constraints and judgment.

We also work in a spirit of objectivity and perfect transparency and integrity; we say what we do and do what we say. A good relationship with the organization is the guarantee of a good initiative and the success of the foresight effort.

Prospective is participatory, strategy is confidential and the future is proprietary.

What to expect at the beginning ?

Highly influenced by our law practice and experience, we believe that the collaborative relationship we have with a client is “intuitu personae” that is to say that it is linked and directed by the type or quality of the person or the organization. Consequently, any collaboration is carried out by first determining the expectations and needs of the organization in order to design the appropriate solutions, interventions and reporting. Although the prospective methods and approaches are fixed, we can divide them into parts that encourage its delivery. understanding and adoption in ways that are often necessary conditions for an organization.

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