See more, do more… with less!

Our business seems full, we strive to follow trends and megatrends, for certainty and simplicity. Yet we may miss something, we know we can do more. We provide organizations and their members with the mindset, methods and tools to develop an augmented seeing that leads to better decisions and actions to defend and evolve the core business.

For the better of the past 25 years, we have been patiently working to better define a way to make the most with what we have and we call this to “valorize”. It is a business by design not by default approach that helps organizations move forward with improved or new capabilities and an augmented sense of agility and antifragility. 

Introspective Thinking, Today Forward

We use 3 critical elements

Mindset: allowing us to see beyond what is within the reach of business-as-usual. What is it that we have and don’t see and how can we do more with less.

Method: our method allows organizations to take a look inside, at their internalities in a systematic way so they can see all of their assets, all of them whether they are tangible, intangible, counted or not, owned or not, etc.

Tools: we use several tools including our very own “proprietary” introspective thinking canvas that we call the “valorize framework”. A canvas helps us visualize something that is complex in a simple way.

The Strategy Process

Strategy is best done in a certain way. We use a generic strategy process (Voros, Mintzberg & als.).

Introspective method overview

Scan Business Assets

We scan the organization’s assets in an organized way in order to draw up a good inventory and thus see what is not or no longer used and what is not or no longer seen. We see with new eyes.

Explore Existing and New Capabilities

This inventory will allow us to see what to improve or activate the abilities that we had not seen or reactivate those that we have forgotten.

Scenario Making

We build scenarios in order to see new ways of doing things, improvements and differences in order to build new operational and competitive advantages, in short a new business model, if need be.


We then use the “awesome” scenarios we made to prepare and analyze forecasts on objectives, results and critical paths.

Strategy making

Like with prospective strategy, we will use the (inputs) into a generic strategy-building framework to articulate the model, practices and capabilities needed to not only protect our core business but grow it profitably and sustainably.

A la carte

Based on first-principle. this program is designed to look at the parts and the system as a whole and is very customizable although scanning the business assets is really the first logical step.

Impact on firm performance

Studies by Schwenk and Shrader (1993) have indicated a positive linkage between strategy and growth.  Porter (1991) has also observed that strategy leads to superior and sustainable performance. We can imagine the impact on the organization of a strategy designed to not only use more but to do more with less and how it would help in moving from linear to geometric growth.

Designed delivery methods

This method requires team work where you are the expert in what you do and we are the expert in what we do. The delivery is adapted to the needs and preferences of an organization and designed accordingly so they can have the maximum impact. 


We conduct introductory and continuing introspective “conversations” to help our clients explore the full potential of their organization.


As the expert of your business, you must be open to explore it outside of the constraints of the obvious and business-as-usual in order to uncover unused and unseen assets, practices and advantages.


Workshops help organizations share new views and practices so it can expand its capabilities and skills, its operational and competitive advantage whether punctual or longer lasting.


If you have any questions regarding our Introspective method or would like to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a guiding conversation. We are here to help.

To your success.