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This is a powerful complement to the Prospective/Foresight work and is built to be totally transparent with the same process and steps. With time, an organization becomes almost invisible to us, too familiar, normal. It’s like when you put pink glasses on, at first everything is pink then we don’t see pink anymore. Our introspective method helps you take a look at the internalities of your organization, it makes you see again. 

You can observe a lot by just watching. Yogi Berra

Our approach will make you see again, same things in a new way or things we don’t see anymore or maybe even things like assets, capabilities, possibilities, practices we never saw before. It is a powerful look at an organization’s internalities.

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This is the step we really take a look inside the organization in a systematic way. It divides assets into classes or categories into which assets are itemized. It really gives a granular information about the assets that produces the results. It’s like having an Asset Statement to accompany a Financial Statement.


This is the phase where we get deeper into the Assets Statement, we can see the assets that are tangible, intangible, measured and not, owned and not, used and not. We can augment it by adding Activities and Actors. For example in the Financial class or category we find financial assets, it groups financial-related activities and is headed by the CFO.

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As a result of the analysis of the organization’s assets and activities we get insights about gaps, overlooked assets, possibilities and innovations


Real strategy making needs quality inputs. We use the newly articulated insights to feed the Strategy development (decisions) and planning (plan, steps, etc.) phases that preferably include the inputs from our Foresight work.

An asset statement!

We think of our Introspective method as an approach that allows (and forces) us to look at what are the assets that are producing an organization’s results. All of the assets, whether tangible or not, counted or not, owned or not, etc. In fact, we are building an asset statement.

What are the benefits of Introspective Thinking?

Introspective Thinking is an opportunity to look at an organization’s internalities, it allows its leaders, managers and stakeholders to take a fresh view inside by: illuminating the capabilities and opportunities, providing a different way to look at the organization, as a portfolio of assets for example, providing a vision for the short and near medium-term and improving decision-making, providing an framework to see what is creating value or not or destroying value, being a critical element of strategic planning, creating a common language and access to the transformational possibilities, creating an augmented emotional and psychological security, a renewed sense of purpose and Urgent Optimism (action), etc.

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