See your Future. Design your Future!

The future as we see it is full of trends and megatrends, uncertainty and complexity. But what is beyond? We provide organizations, their leaders and members with the mindset, methods and tools to develop a clear seeing that leads to designing their own preferred compelling future that will provide a powerful direction in their decisions and actions of today toward tomorrow.

The future by design not by default helps organizations move forward with anticipation, agility and vigilance in a world of complexity, uncertainty and disruption while building resilience and ultimately antifragility in a spirit of creativity, innovation and continuity.

Prospective Thinking – From the Future Back

We use 3 critical elements

Mindset: planning beyond the short-term is easily done once we understand and get passed the defense mechanism of the brain. As we progress we acquire ease and freedom in dealing with the future along with an unstoppable mindset.

Method: prospective thinking  uses design thinking to map opportunities, threats and imperatives, find new business scenarios and envision an actionable preferred future for the organization that gives vision and direction which helps create the business model, capabilities and practices needed to thrive in the future.

Tools: we use several third-party foresight thinking tools including our very own “proprietary” prospective thinking canvas. A canvas helps us visualize something that is complex in a simple way.

The Strategy Process

Strategy is best done in a certain way. We use a generic strategy process (Voros, Mintzberg & als.).

Prospective method overview

Explore New Horizons

Explore sources (environmental, technological, cultural, etc.) over a longer horizon (10+ years) in order to identify signals, emerging trends and key factors as well as their trajectories.

Analyze Trends and Signals

Analysis of scanned signals, trends and trajectories to see their impact on the success and sustainability of your organization.

Scenario Making

Build stories, look at intended and unintended consequences to imagine how people, systems, technology and culture mix together to create new paradigms, markets and customers for the organization.


A technique by which a successful outcome is imagined in the future, followed by the question, “what do we need to do today to achieve this successful outcome?

Strategy making

Following a generic framework for strategy development, the model, practices and capabilities to develop new markets, acquire new customers in a profitable and sustainable manner is articulated.

A la carte

Our solutions are “generic” which means that they are designed to adapt to particular situations yet there is no “silver-bullet” solution for the width and depth of challenges organizations, its leaders and members face and customization may be needed and is available.

Impact on firm performance

In one longitudinal study by René Rohrbeck and Menes Etingue Kum, it was found that “future-prepared” firms, defined as those with a corporate foresight practice, posted 33 percent higher profitability than the average company and 200 percent higher growth.

Furthermore, creating an engaging future and an equaly engaging narrative about its future allows an organization to create thought leadership in its market and industry, become more attractive its customers, current and future employees, suppliers, bankers and investors. Finally, it creates a renewed business purpose.

Designed delivery methods

Our delivery is adapted to the needs and preferences of an organization and designed accordingly so they can have the maximum impact. Done For You (DFY) and Done With You (DWY) options are available depending if an organization wants to implement an in-house Prospective practices or not.


We conduct introductory and continuing foresight “conversations” to help our clients explore their relationship with the futures, trends, identify and develop new scenarios, and create a map of the future. 

Training (2 days+)

We offer customizable prospective and introspective process training for organizations looking to introduce their team to our methods or keep them up-to-date so it can better face its unique challenges.

Workshops (1 day-)

Workshops are created to help organizations develop and expand their capabilities and skills, their operational and competitive advantage whether punctual or longer lasting.


If you have any questions regarding our Prospective method or would like to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a guiding conversation. We are here to help.

To your success.