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Thriving in an uncertain and volatile world

In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, organizations must acquire antifragility in order not only to withstand disruption but to improve from it.

Who we work with

Uncertainty and disruption effects every kind of organizations and people alike. We work with:

  • public and private organizations and companies
  • governance bodies
  • professional firms
  • entrepreneurs and investors

in helping them navigate challenges, disruptions, uncertainty and complexity with the aim to become competitive, to stay relevant today and tomorrow and provide constant increased value for their stakeholders.

The three (3) elements

Our approach is based on the presence of three (3) critical elements: (1) MENTALITY (2) METHOD and (3) TOOLS. Too many times we dive into a solution, its methods and tools without having understood and developed the necessary MINDSET that will permeate the learning, development, planning and execution of the solution. In order to accomplish that, we spend time educating clients and prospective clients so they can understand and develop ease around the prospective, introspective and inclusive methods as well as developing the supporting mental models.

How we work

We work from the important assumption that you are the expert on your business and our role or expertise is one of helping you elicit the future that is latent in your organization or business as a firm and also as a culture and a community of people.

Your future is not made from a cookie cutter approach, it is carved out. It is yours to detect and articulate. Your future is proprietary, it is your and yours only and our role is to provide the best methods and tools to help you find your preferred future.

Our methods

We approach the non-linearity of the future with linear methods built in such a way that they are individually independent but also interdependent and complementary as a whole. Here is a sampling of the steps generally taken for each of our offered methods:


Explore new horizons

Identify Trends & Signals

Develop scenarios

Perform backcasting

Develop strategy


Scan business assets

Explore capabilities

Develop scenarios

Perform forecasting

Develop strategy


Prospective and Introspective strategies review

Prospective and Introspective strategies review

Defend core business

Develop adjacent and emerging businesses

Develop future business

LEADE + Future

Understand the FUTUR or prospective approach

Comprendre l’approche FUTUR ou prospective

Develop the preferred LEADE and FUTURE strategies

Study the LEADE framework

Impact on performance

In one longitudinal study by René Rohrbeck and Menes Etingue Kum, it was found that “future-prepared” firms, defined as those with a corporate foresight practice, posted 33 percent higher profitability than the average company and 200 percent higher growth.

Furthermore, creating an engaging future and an equally engaging narrative about its future allows an organization to create thought leadership in its market and industry, and become more attractive to its customers, current and future employees, suppliers, bankers and investors. Finally, it creates a renewed business purpose.

The firm of the FUTURE

According to Bain.com, in order to be successful over the long term, organizations need an active Engine 1, which focuses on the core business, and an Engine 2, which innovates for the customers and capabilities of tomorrow.

This approach also refers to what is called the ambidextrous organization. The ambidextrous organization is a concept of organizational development invented by R. Duncan (Duncan, 1976). It indicates an organization’s ability to be aligned and efficient in its management of today’s business demands, as well as to adapt to changes in the external environment.


Our Transformative Program is a year long (or almost) collaboration and cooperation between AUGMNT and your team that combines both our Prospective and Introspective programs. It is aimed at helping your organization become future-based, enhance and create new capabilities.

This program is designed around a cadence to produce an observable step-change and advance in your organization’s relevancy and competitiveness.

The design plans for periodic (you get to choose) in-person or virtual workshops, brainstorming sessions, custom industry and cross-industry trends research, custom toolkits and keynote presentation for your organization.

Contact us to learn more about how our Transformative Program can significantly help your organization better prepare for the present and the futur.

Need tailor-made?

Since we believe that the future is private and exclusive (proprietary) to each organization, we offer tailor-made services to meet certain specific needs such as research on trends, assistance in the creation of reports, assistance in the preparation of a “future” kit, help with integration, preparation and holding of brainstorming sessions, etc. These services can be particularly useful for larger companies and public companies, investors relations departments, boards of directors, for example.


Organizations are characterized by differentiation. whether in their products or culture for example. The preferred future of an organization is personal (intuitu personae) and proprietary. In order to meet certain specific needs of an organization, we offer tailor-made services such as research on trends, assistance with the creation of reports, the preparation of kits, assistance with integration, preparation and holding of brainstorming sessions, etc. These services can be particularly useful for larger companies and public companies, investor relations departments and boards of directors, for example.

Our delivery methods

Our delivery is adapted to the needs and preferences of an organization and designed accordingly so they can have the maximum impact. Done For You (DFY) and Done With You (DWY) options are available depending if an organization wants to implement an in-house Prospective practices or not.


We conduct introductory and continuing foresight “conversations” to help our clients explore their relationship with the futures, trends, identify and develop new scenarios, and create a map of the future. 

Training (2 days+)

We offer customizable prospective and introspective process training for organizations looking to introduce their team to our methods or keep them up-to-date so it can better face its unique challenges.

Workshops (1 day-)

Workshops are created to help organizations develop and expand their capabilities and skills, their operational and competitive advantage whether punctual or longer lasting.

Advice + Support

If you lack the time or the resources, or you seem to lack ease, we are here to help you or simply accompany you continuously or punctually according to your needs.


If you have any questions regarding our Prospective method or would like to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a guiding conversation. We are here to help.

To your success.


Space intentionally left for the future.


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