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Businesses and organizations evolve in a different landscape in which time seems to be compressed. No more are the normal horizons of business where the future would slowly come to us and we would adapt. This future that seemed far away gets closer when it’s not already collapsed into the present. It disrupts. The table as turned, business-as-usual does not deliver anymore. What’s next is knocking on our doors. A new kind of thinking is imperative. Strategic planning is always about being different but must now incorporate futures thinking or what we call “FutureThink“, an approach to rethink and design the future that we need in order to thrive today and tomorrow. 

Our “FutureThink” program is a prospective/futures thinking program that helps business develop abilities and agilities in this new world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).

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AUGMNT is a strategic planning firm focused on helping businesses and organizations get an unfair advantage so they can better win now and tomorrow.

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