Too little information can be as disconcerting as too much.

Patricia Wentworth (adapted)

About Augmnt

We are a small prospective and introspective thinking-based strategic consulting, planning and training firm. We provide practical advice, strategic and transformational guidance on creating and managing the future as risks and opportunities. 

Our approach

Our approach is very simple, it is based on the alignment between: (1) prospective or future planning, (2) strategic planning and (3) business (or organizational) risk management.

Our values: Simple and Robust:

Integrity: we do what we say.
Transparency: We say what we do.
Listening: we listen to what people say not from what we think they should say.
Collaboration: we understand that the other is an undetachable part of the solution.
Constant improvement: life is dynamic, we constantly improve.
Urgent optimism: Optimism is an immediate positive action.
Job to be done: We focus on solving the customer’s problems and challenges.

The Instigator

Hi, I am Chris (Christian) Royer, the founder of AUGMNT. Being curious by nature, my background is very diverse.

I have been involved in the practice of law such as real estate, banking, corporate and securities (IPO, due diligence, continuous disclosure).

I did financial planning, financing arrangement and brokerage, alternative investment brokerage and real estate syndication, promotion and construction.

I have managed reporting issuers, performed investor relations and continuing disclosure.

Finally, I was involved in commodities, futures, and spot trading and was engaged in exporting to the MENA regions.

I have been providing strategic consulting services for over 30 years.

This mix of interests and eclectic experience is a great advantage in articulating AUGMNT solutions.

Traditional Education

I hold two (2) law degrees from the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal and also held licenses as a securities and life insurance representative in Canada.

Continuing Education

Or to keep up !

Futures Thinking Specialization/Certification – Institute For The Future (IFTF)
Social Entrepreneurship – Copenhagen Business School
Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies – Case Western University
New Models of Business in Society – University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
● Age of Sustainability, An Introduction – Columbia University (with Jeffrey Sachs)
● Circular Economy, An Introduction – TU Delft and Macarthur Foundation
● Entrepreneurship: Financing and Profitability – Wharton Business School
● Greening the Economies: Sustainable cities – Lund University
● Financing and Investing in Infrastructure – Bocconi University
● Impact Investing – Essec Paris
● Fundamentals of Global Energy Business – University of Colorado
● Financial Markets – Yale University
● Introduction to Fintech – University of Hong-Kong


If you have questions or would like to initiate one of our solutions, do not hesitate de contact us so we can have a guiding conversation. We are here to help you.


Space intentionally left for the future.