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The 2 Engines

One Day Of Future

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The 2 Business Engines

Now Forward, Future Back

In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, organizations must do more then simply defend their core business or activities, they must be passionately involved in exploring their future to develop the business engine of their future and must also strive to become at least resilient and antifragile at best.

The Two Engines

Organizations cannot choose between the short and long-term anymore, they must resolve this seeming dilemma by doing both. Organizations must defend and expand their Core Business Engine while choosing a preferred future to develop their Future Business Engine.

The Edge or Periphery

For an organization to be future-ready, it must first explore its EDGE or PERIPHERY which is a complex web of intertwining externalities representing the future as and futures and their opportunities, threats and imperatives, uncertainty and also potential for disruptions.

The Core or Center

The CORE of an organization is its day-to-day activities, its business-as-usual scenario and its internalities, its people, assets, systems, technology and culture, etc; It is what is seen but also what is not seen anymore or at all. Its capabilities useful for the future and those missing too.


Our INTEGRATIVE method is the strategic planning or final step that allows organizations to unify their horizons from short to long-term, augment their main activities with the adjacent and emerging and finally integrate with those of its selected future.

The aims of this final step are simple:

  • Defend the core business engine
  • Develop adjacent and emerging businesses
  • Develop the future business engine
  • Continuously scan for risk and opportunities
  • Continuously improve to stay competitive, relevant and thrive
  • Etc.


Our PROSPECTIVE method allows organizations to scan futures, explore weak and strong trends & signals, articulate scenarios and choose the prefered future that will inform their new business model, practices and capabilities to capture new markets and customers.

Our prospective solution is available as a comprehensive program or as modules including but not limited to:

  • Exploring long-term horizons
  • Identifying Trends and Signals
  • Developing scenarios
  • Performing backcasting
  • Strategic thinking
  • And more


Our INTROSPECTIVE method allows organizations to start or deepen a systematic exploration of what it is in order to identify its business model, practices and the assets + capabilities that are used, not used or simply unseen that can be leveraged now and for its future.

 This solution includes the following steps:

  • Scanning business assets, all of them
  • Exploring capabilities
  • Developing scenarios
  • Performing forecasting
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Etc.

Impact on performance

In one longitudinal study by René Rohrbeck and Menes Etingue Kum, it was found that “future-prepared” firms, defined as those with a corporate foresight practice, posted 33 percent higher profitability than the average company and 200 percent higher growth.

Furthermore, creating an engaging future and an equally engaging narrative about its future allows an organization to create thought leadership in its market and industry, and become more attractive to its customers, current and future employees, suppliers, bankers and investors. Finally, it creates a renewed business purpose.

The firm of the FUTUR

According to, in order to be successful over the long term, organizations need an active Engine 1, which focuses on the core business, and an Engine 2, which innovates for the customers and capabilities of tomorrow.

This approach also refers to what is called the ambidextrous organization. The ambidextrous organization is a concept of organizational development invented by R. Duncan (Duncan, 1976). It indicates an organization’s ability to be aligned and efficient in its management of today’s business demands, as well as to adapt to changes in the external environment or for tomorrow’s business.

One Day In The Future

About The Future and Disruption

ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE is an immersive and dynamic team exploration of the language and semantic of Futures Thinking and what is Disruption.

This program helps teams at any level including C-level and board members develop a clear understanding of what is Futures Thinking (Futures, Foresight, Prospective) and what is required for an organization to thrive not only in the Future but from Disruption as a continuous state.

Proposed or Customized Content

The content is intended to help participants to be familiarize with, apprehend and appropriate, if necessary, a future that is plausible, possible and preferred to them.

Content can cover the different stages of futures thinking, such as:

  • Exploring long-term horizons
  • Identifying trends and signals
  • Developing scenarios
  • Backcasting
  • Disruption
  • Strategic thinking
  • And more

Who we work with

Uncertainty, complexity and disruption has long and far-reaching impacts on every kind of organizations and its people. We proud and prepared to work with:

  • public and private organizations and companies
  • governance bodies
  • professional firms
  • entrepreneurs and investors

in helping them navigate challenges, disruptions, uncertainty and complexity with the aim to become competitive, to stay relevant today and tomorrow and provide constant increased value for their stakeholders.


Space intentionally left for the future.


If you have any questions regarding our SOLUTIONS or would like to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a guiding conversation. We are here to help.

To your success.