Foresight’s advantages or benefits are very useful to help organizations set their foresight’s program objectives so they can be built into a relevant and performing one.

The use and benefits of foresight

Foresight is an approach to helping organizations increase the scope of their strategy development efforts by providing them with a systematic and participatory process for gathering information about the future and constructing a medium- and long-term vision aimed at to enable and improve current decisions and actions in order to materialize this desired future.

A few examples

Here are some examples of the advantages that the a continuous practice of foresight provides to organizations that have become vigilant about the future.

All horizons : allows an organization to explore and exploit all its horizons of the short, medium and long term.

Out of uncertainty : provides a clear vision of the direction of the organization in order to reduce the uncertainty of the future and its disruptions.

Augmented strategy : Enriches the process of articulating strategy by taking into account all its horizons.

Environment scanning : allows exploration of trends, signals and potential triggers (drivers) of change and disruption.

Possibilities and impacts : leads to the construction of scenarios and analysis of their impacts and ultimately to the selection of a preferred future.

Developing a vision : the selection of a preferred future influences decisions and encourages preventive and “pre-emptive” actions.

Competitiveness : allows the articulation of both an advance and a competitive or even disruptive advantage.

Robust continuity : ensures agility, flexibility, resilience, growth and sustainability of the organization.

Anticipate change : allows organizations to anticipate and prepare for obvious changes and those with weaker signals.

Risk mitigation : helps identify potential risks and uncertainties, so you can respond to them more effectively.

Early warnings : helps detect possible and relevant threats and opportunities and alert the organization.

Augmented Decision Making: by considering a range of future scenarios, organizations can make more flexible and resilient plans.

Innovation and Adaptation : helps foster a culture of innovation by encouraging organizations to think creatively about potential futures. This leads to the development of new products, services and business models.

Thought leadership : as an organization leads and advances its future activities, it naturally becomes a thought leader in its sector and is also viewed more positively by its customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

In summary

By practicing continuous foresight, it empowers organizations seeking to thrive in a dynamic and uncertain future to shape their destiny proactively rather than simply reacting to external forces. They thus develop the necessary vigilance in order to remain on the lookout for future risks and opportunities which are determining factors for their relevance and existence by promoting not only lasting resilience but also antifragility, this ability to grow following events. shocks.

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