Collaborating for the future

“Vigilant” firms defined as those with a foresight practice posted a profitability 33 per cent higher than that of the average firm and a 200 per cent higher growth.



In order to help and encourage certain professional firms to offer future (prospective) planning services to their clients, AUGMNT offers a collaboration model adapted to their needs as well as those of their clients.

The accounting professionals

Accountants and particularly public and management accountants occupy an important, if not predominant, place in private and public organizations. Accountants and their firms provide consulting services in strategic and financial management, as well as financing and mergers & acquisitions situations. Foresight or prospecting for futures is a service that is very complementary to them.

Although distinct and requiring different skills, the services offered by AUGMNT also have a lot in common with those of accountants and their firms.

In strategic planning

Foresight provides the element generally missing from this planning that links to the management of the uncertainty of the future which is unknown and to the growing dynamic of rapid, discontinuous and interconnected changes.

Change, growth, innovation

By providing a framework for the anticipatory analysis of risks and opportunities, an organization triggers the revelation of changes, innovations and new business opportunities that short or medium-term planning cannot do.

Risk and continuity management

AUGMNT is particularly interested in the integration and alignment of foresight practices and results with risk management programs, continuity as well as static and dynamic future-readiness.

Other professionals

AUGMNT/collab is also available and beneficial to other professional service providers such as lawyers, bankers, financiers and other strategic planning advisors.

The advantages

In addition to the benefits that foresight planning provides, our collaborative work provides additional benefits to our partners.
This work, this relationship allows to:

  • offer a service, a skill without the need to invest, to acquire and maintain it;
  • increase its influence and relevance with customers by including foresight services;
  • create a competitive advance, advantage;
  • participate in the propagation future literacy;
  • work in a spirit of cooperation by articulating solutions that are conducive and adapted to the needs of their clients.

What makes us different

At AUGMNT, we focus particularly on the balanced development of the 3 horizons and the integration of the results of foresight into the other strategic activities of the organization.

Our activities and advice relate to:

  • 3 horizons strategic consulting;
  • business model work on each of the 3 horizons
  • the integration of foresight into risk management, continuity and static and dynamic future-readiness; 
  • strategic watch (vigilance);
  • our proprietary introspective approach.

Our attitude

We work in an attitude of collaboration and cooperation and believe that we have the responsibility to properly lead and assert our competence while respecting the competence of the professionals with whom we work so that the synergy of our respective and collective work is increased. We offer flexibility in our work since the future is not designed in advance and so we must create the right conditions to encourage new mental models, new ideas.

With our legal training, we believe that the future of an organization constitutes intellectual and private property (proprietary) and that certain of its practices can constitute confidential competitive practices. Our work then aligns with these needs for confidentiality and protection of intellectual property where it applies.

We also work in a spirit of objectivity, transparency and integrity; we say what we do and do what we say. Finally, we also consider ourselves an ambassador for our partners and act as the guardian of their customers relationship.

What to expect at the beginning ?

Highly influenced by our training and experience in the practice of law, we believe that the collaborative relationship is “intuitu personae” that is to say that it is linked and directed by the type or quality of the person or the firm. Consequently, any collaboration is carried out by first determining the expectations and needs of the firm and its clients in order to design the appropriate solutions, interventions and reporting. Although the prospective methods and approaches are fixed, we can divide them into parts that encourage delivery. understanding and adoption in ways that are often necessary conditions for an organization.

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