You can delay, but your future won’t.

AUGMNT helps organizations build Future-based Strategies and a Foresight/Prospective practice integrated and aligned into their Risk Management, Continuity, Future-Ready and Vigilance (monitoring and intelligence) programs.


AUGMNT works with all types of public and private organizations, governance bodies, professional businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders, helping them overcome the challenges, disruptions, uncertainty and complexity of the future with the aim of remaining relevant and continuing to thrive today and tomorrow.


Influenced by maturity models, system thinking and transition design, we offer solutions that are articulated to help organizations start with their future first in order to develop the insights, vision necesssary and continuing programs to enrich their decisions and actions in the present.

Preferred future → Adjusted strategy → Foresight & risk management  → Foresight vigilance


How organizations can continue and thrive in the future ? This is question that can be answered by using a Prospective approach to study possible futures in order to articulate scenarios, study consequences to reveal options and select a preferred future.


AUGMNT helps organizations articulate a future-based strategy by using the outcomes of their prospective activities and particularly what are the current capabilities, practices, business models they have and the new they need.


AUGMNT helps organization integrate their foresight practice and/or align the the outcome of its foresight activities with their capabilities as well as their risk management, business continuity and future-readiness plans or programs.


Vigilance enables organizations to monitor their changing environment in order to detect risks and opportunities by providing horizons, trends & signals scanning services. Vigilant organizations enjoy an augmented performance.


INTROSPECtIVE helps organization take inventory of their assets, all of them; whether tangible, intangible, counted or not, owned or not, seen on not in order to fully activate its potential today and for its preferred future. Read more.


LEADE is a program designed to help localities take inventory of their entrepreneurial ecocsystem. The prerequisite for achieving a robust  LEADE program is the design a compelling alternative future. Read more.


AUGMNT uses a unique augmented process that combines strategic foresight with systems thinking, integration design, *maturity models*  and a generic strategy process** to help organizations move beyond disrupting and emerging challenges by anticipating the future so they can benefit from it. The use of robust frameworks and methods provides a level of stability, certainty and reliance in an ortherwise unstable and uncertain world.

* Maturity model : a maturity model is (wikipedia) a set of structured levels that describe how well the behaviors, practices and processes of an organization can reliably and sustainably produce required outcomes.
** Generic strategy process : a generic process is a process that can be use indiferently in any number of application and situation. The generic strategy process we refer to is the one articulated by Joseph Voros as influenced by Henry Mintzberg’s 3 stages of (1) strategic thinking (2) strategic development and (3) strategic planning.

The 3 Horizons

The 3 Horizons (McKinsey, Sharpe) model can be used as a maturity model representing the full development of an organization and a framework that can be uses to practice foresight and clearly visualize and plan how this future can be designed into the present and what are the features,  imperative and optional activities for each horizon involved, horizons 1,2 and 3.


In order to respond to the specific needs of organizations, all our solutions are essentially “divisible” and customizable and can be offered under different content and delivery methods.

Strategic advice and support 

AUGMNT supports an organization’s efforts and those of its executive and management team by providing open, patient, and flexible advice and guidance.


Off-the-shelf foresight trainings and solutions.

Reports, workshops, artifacts. maps/roadmaps, etc.

AUGMNT offers master classes, seminars, workshops, coaching sessions. Programs can be one-off, periodic or scheduled over a short or long period. Under certain conditions, We can produce, reports and artifacts such as roadmaps, models, or graphs to facilitate the understanding, reference, communication or implementation of the organization’s preferred future.

Questions? What is next !

If you have any questions or would like to move forward, please do not hesitate to contact us to have a conversation to guide you on our solutions.


Space intentionally left for the future